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Touch screen three temperature zone tube furnace

Touch screen three temperature zone tube furnace

Product Description:
     PT-T1200 CVD is a tube furnace with 80mm diameter alumina tube vacuum pump and three channels Mass Flow Meters gas flowing system. It can mix 1-3 types of gases for CVD or diffusion. 
Technical Parameter:


PT-T1200 CVD with 3 MFC Gas channels



Max. Temperature

1200℃ for short time

Continuous Working Temp.


Heating Rate

Suggestion: 0~10℃/min

Temperature Zone


Heating Element

Resistance Wire With Mo


K Type

Temperature Control Accuracy


Tube Size

80x1200mm (OD x L)

Tube Block

Two fibrous ceramic blocks are included for blocking heat radiation from inside tube (Ceramic blocks must be fully inserted into the furnace chamber before heating).

Temperature Control

PID automatic control via SCR power control

Program and Ramps

30 steps programmable

Vacuum Flange

Stainless Steel vacuum flange with valves


220V, 50 Hz, single phase at max.6KW

Mass Flow Meters

Three precision mass flow meters :

MFC 1: Gas flow range from 0~100 sccm

MFC 2: Gas flow range from 0~200 sccm

MFC 3: Gas flow range from 0~200 sccm

(Gas flow range can be according to your requirement)

One gas mixing tank is installed on bottom case with 3 stainless steel needle valves is installed on left side of bottom case to control 3 type gases mixing manually


Below photo is 4 MFC for reference. 3 MFC will be with 3 displays

 tube furnace

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