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Causes of water shortage in tubular furnaces

 1. The operating personnel violate labor discipline, sleep or doze off in the class, leave the operation position arbitrarily or do anything unrelated to the operation. The operating personnel did not concentrate on the operation of the boiler, neglected, and did not carefully monitor the water level. When the tube furnace load increased, the water supply was not increased in time.

2, the operating personnel operating level is low, misjudgment, misuse, mistaken water shortage as full of water.

3, the water level table, the water level table steam and water connection, the water level table each cock, the water column structure is unreasonable, resulting in a false water level.

4. The water level meter is poorly illuminated, resulting in unclear observation of the water level.

5. The high and low water level alarms fail, no alarm or false alarm.

6. the two-color water level meter failed.

7. The boiler with automatic water supply regulator, the water supply automatic regulator fails.

8. The boiler feed water valve or feed water check valve is faulty.

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