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Pipe furnace has the function of muffle furnace. How to choose the two?

Pipe furnace has the function of muffle furnace. How to choose the two?
Recently, a customer asked a question. In fact, the demand is very simple. In considering buying a muffle stove, some people say that the tubular stove has the function of muffle stove, and it is better to use it, so he would like to ask you the similarities and differences between the two, whether the tubular stove can replace the muffle stove? I think you will have such doubts. Today let's talk about the difference between the two.
1. If you want to use protective gas to calcine the sample, you can use tubular furnace. The tubular furnace can also be programmed to heat up, but the air calcination will not be complete and can not fully contact with the air.
Although muffle furnaces can also be programmed to increase temperature, but different gases, but in order to calcine in the air, it is preferred muffle furnace, full contact with the air, full calcination.
2. It is also felt that the removal of the sealing parts (flanges on both sides) of the tubular furnace should solve the problem of insufficient air contact. It is considered that the tubular furnace has the function of muffle furnace.
3. Tube furnace can be ventilated, muffle furnace is larger. As for other procedures, the temperature rise is the same.
4. Open both ends of the tubular stove, and if possible, air can be blown into it, which is equivalent to the muffle stove.
5. Ventilation is the advantage of tubular furnace. The heating temperature of muffle furnace is generally lower than that of box furnace and tubular furnace.
6. Tube furnace is fine and suitable for ventilation (e.g. redox); muffle furnace is usually large and suitable for mass sample preparation, with poor sealing.
Do not know these can make you better choice?

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