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Correct Use of Muffle Furnace

Muffle furnace is a kind of universal heating equipment, which is widely used in ceramics, metallurgy, electronics, glass, chemical industry, machinery, refractories, new material development, special materials, building materials and other fields. Muffle furnace can be divided into box furnace, tubular furnace and crucible furnace according to its appearance. Next, we will introduce the use of muffle furnace and set the temperature steps.
Application of Muffle Furnace
1. After the first use or long-term shutdown, the oven should be baked first. The temperature ranges from 200 to 600 C and the time is about 4 hours.
2. Furnace temperature should not exceed the maximum furnace temperature in use, nor should it work at rated temperature for a long time.
3. The working environment requires no inflammable and corrosive gases.
4. In order to ensure safe use, ground wires must be installed and well grounded.
5. When using, the furnace door should be closed and opened lightly in order to prevent damage to the machine parts.
6. When placing samples in the furnace, the power supply should be turned off first, and the sample should be handled lightly to ensure safety and avoid damage to the furnace.
7. In order to prolong the service life of products and ensure safety, samples should be taken out of the furnace in time after the end of equipment use, and the heating should be withdrawn and the power supply should be turned off.

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