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Vacuum oven operation procedure

Vacuum oven operation procedure
For most processing enterprises, vacuum oven is indispensable. In order to produce high quality products, the operation of vacuum oven is also very important. Is proper use of oven technology conducive to cost savings, energy consumption reduction and how to use vacuum oven correctly?
You need to put vacuum-dried samples in a Petri dish, top coated with paper, tied with rubber bands, and then punch several holes.
Vacuum oven, close the inner and outer doors, close the cleaning valve to ensure closure, open the vacuum valve, and then use the vacuum pump (see your requirements to choose the degree of vacuum pump or pump). When the pressure is low enough, close the vacuum valve and then turn off the power supply vacuum, otherwise it will lead to inhalation. Network Resistance Furnace
When the power supply to the electric heating furnace is started, the power supply can be turned on and the required temperature can be set.
Note that working in a vacuum oven for a period of time may reduce the vacuum, drying takes a long time, and then I suggest one or two hours to check the vacuum, and then evacuation operation is not enough.
After use, remember to turn off the heating power of the oven first, open the cleaning valve when the pressure is consistent with the outside world, and then open the door sample.

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