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Matters needing attention in the use of muffle furnace

1. The heating rod of muffle furnace is very brittle and fragile. Do not touch it. After any heating rod is damaged, the equipment can not be heated, and the replacement is more expensive.
2. When switching muffle furnace door, open and close lightly, the protective door is damaged and the seal is not strict.
3. When using muffle furnace, the order of power switch is to turn on the power supply first, then turn on the heating, and finally adjust the temperature. The order can not be reversed. There is no order requirement when shutting down. 4. When the muffle furnace is above 900 C at high temperature, it can not open the furnace door to prevent cold air from brittle cracking of heating rod.
5. In the high temperature stage of muffle furnace, if you want to cool down, you can't open the door to cool down directly, you need to turn off the power or adjust the temperature to cool down.
6. When the muffle furnace is above 1200 C, the human eye can not directly see the inside of the muffle furnace. The high brightness of the high temperature heating rod may cause burns to the human eye.
7. When heating articles, pay attention to the melting point of the articles. The articles should be placed in high temperature resistant vessels. If the heated articles melt and flow directly into the furnace, the furnace will be damaged and the muffle furnace can not be used again.
8. In the heating stage, the current of muffle furnace is adjusted to 90%, and in the heat preservation stage, the current of muffle furnace is adjusted to 50%.
9. When replacing the overhaul equipment, turn off the main power switch, especially when replacing the silicon-molybdenum rod, keep in mind the condition and details of the equipment before replacing.
10. Users should protect themselves well; high temperature gloves and protective glasses.
11. When adjusting temperature, the first two stages of temperature can not be adjusted. The first two stages of temperature are protective equipment. If the temperature is adjusted artificially, the silicon-molybdenum rod will be damaged.
12, don't move if you don't understand!

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