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Brief introduction of SCR, DOC, DPF (environmental protection) regeneration furnace

1. Introduction to SCR and DPF technology
In recent years, as national environmental protection policies have become more and more stringent, and the requirements for automobile exhaust emission standards have become higher and higher, automobile manufacturers have continuously developed new materials and new technologies to apply to new vehicles. Large diesel-burning trucks generally use SCR , DOC, DPF and other technologies to purify exhaust gas with nitrogen oxides (NOX) and particulate matter (PM).
(environmental protection) regeneration furnace
SCR, Selective Catalytic Reduction, selective catalytic reduction technology, that is, under the action of a catalyst, the reducing agent ammonia or urea is injected into the automobile engine to reduce the NOx in the exhaust gas to N2 and H2O.
DPF, Diesel Particulate Filter, is a ceramic filter installed in the exhaust system of diesel engines. It can capture particulate emissions before they enter the atmosphere.
The application of SCR technology will greatly increase the depth of particulate matter in the exhaust gas, and some undecomposed urea will form crystals on the DPF. The accumulation of crystals and other particles will block the small holes on the DPF, causing problems such as poor vehicle exhaust and poor filtration.

2. Introduction to SCR and DPF (environmental protection) regeneration technology
The direct replacement of the ceramic filter in the DPF is costly and wastes a lot of resources; while using the DPF regeneration technology, the DPF can be restored to its original state and recycled again.
DPF regeneration technology, that is, the ceramic filter and its accessories are placed in the heating chamber and heated to 550-600°C, so that the urea crystals are heated to decompose and ash, and at the same time other particles are heated to loosen; then the high-speed airflow is passed through the small holes of the ceramic filter, Take away the particles in the small holes and restore the ceramic filter to its original state.

3. Introduction to SCR and DPF (environmental protection) regeneration furnaces
When selecting SCR and DPF (environmental protection) regeneration furnaces, it is necessary to comprehensively consider the furnace size, temperature, temperature uniformity, and environmental protection.
The SCR and DPF (environmental protection) regeneration furnaces produced by Zhengzhou Nuotai Technology Co., Ltd. are energy-saving, environmentally friendly, rapid heating, uniform temperature, good insulation effect, and favorable prices. They are a wise choice for SCR and DPF (environmental protection) regeneration furnaces.
The main parameters of SCR, DPF (environmental protection) regeneration furnace:
Equipment name: SCR, DPF (environmental protection) regeneration furnace
Maximum temperature: 650℃
Working temperature: ≤600℃
Heating rate: ≤10℃/min
Heating element: Molybdenum alloy electric heating wire, surrounded by corundum tube, hung on the left, right and back of the furnace to heat up, the heat is more fully dissipated
Insulation material: aluminum silicate fiberboard + mullite lightweight refractory brick. Lightweight mullite refractory bricks are used at the bottom and furnace mouth, which are strong and wear-resistant and durable; other parts use aluminum silicate fiberboard, which has high heat reflectivity, less loss, and energy saving and efficiency.
Temperature measuring element: K-type thermocouple, with good linearity, large thermoelectromotive force, high sensitivity, good stability and uniformity, and strong oxidation resistance
Temperature control system: adopt PID method to adjust the temperature, can set 30 steps of temperature rise and fall program, temperature control accuracy ±1℃, with over-temperature protection, burnout protection function (optional LCD touch screen, with simple and intuitive interface, convenient and easy to use , Paperless records, can be connected to a computer, etc.)
Furnace size: 720*660*720mm (width * height * depth), a set of DPF filter, accessories and bracket can be put in as a whole, or 8 ceramic filters can be put in at the same time
Door opening method: side door opening; a circle of ceramic fiber cotton is pasted on the furnace door to prevent heat, gas and particles from escaping along the gap
Furnace type structure: two types, upper and lower structure and left and right structure. The upper and lower structure has the heating chamber at the top and the electrical and control system at the bottom. The left and right structure has the heating chamber on the right and the electrical and control systems on the left. There are 4 load-bearing wheels installed under the furnace body, 2 of which are universal wheels with brakes, which is convenient for the movement of the furnace and can be fixed in position during use
Air inlet and outlet: an exhaust hole is set in the middle of the top of the heating chamber to facilitate the discharge and collection of exhaust gas and particulate matter during the heating process
Power supply: AC380V 50Hz
Rated power: about 24kW

4. industry applications
This furnace type is a special furnace type developed for SCR and DPF (environmental protection) regeneration technology, and is suitable for environmentally friendly recycling of SCR and DPF by auto parts manufacturing, sales, and maintenance companies.

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