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Correct operation steps and daily maintenance of box type resistance furnace

This article focuses on the Box-Type Resistance Furnace proper procedures and maintenance, today we Nuotai technology one kind of Box-Type Resistance Furnace , for example to specifically talk about. 

Box-Type Resistance Furnace

1. Preparation before opening 

  ① Check whether there are tools or other conductive materials in the electrical control box. If there are any forgotten workpieces in the furnace, they should be removed in time.

  ②Check whether the electrical switch contacts are normal after closing.

  ③Check whether the temperature control instrument works normally, and turn on its switch to make it in working condition. 

2. Open furnace production 

  ① Set the temperature of the automatic temperature control instrument according to the process requirements. 

  ②Put the control "handle" on the position of automatic control to heat up.

  ③The cold furnace is heated up, and the workpiece can be loaded into the workpiece after the temperature is maintained for 2 hours, and continuous production is allowed. 

  ④ The workpiece should be placed evenly and stably in the furnace, and no contact between the workpiece and the heating wire is allowed.

  ⑤ Operate strictly in accordance with the process regulations.

3. Shut down the furnace 

    Turn off the instrument switch, turn off and open the power switch. 

4. Precautions for box-type resistance furnace operation 

 ①When the furnace temperature is higher than 400℃, it is not allowed to open the furnace door to cool down.

 ②The maximum operating temperature does not exceed 950℃.

 ③The amount of furnace installed should not be too large, and the temperature drop caused by it should not exceed 50℃.

 ④Do not use excessive force when installing the furnace to avoid damage to the furnace bottom.

 ⑤Always pay attention to whether the electrical appliances of the instrument and electrical control box work normally.

 ⑥ For newly installed or overhauled furnaces, place them at room temperature for 2 to 3 days and nights after decoration. Check that the resistance of the three-phase electric heating element to the ground (furnace shell) should be greater than 0.5MΩ with a 500V megohmmeter before powering on. The following process power supply baking. 100~200℃ 15~20h furnace door open 300~400℃ 8~10h furnace door open 550~600℃ 8h furnace door closed 750~800℃ 8h furnace door closed during the oven The water vapor in the body is easily released.

 ⑦After the newly-overhauled or newly installed furnace is used for one month, the state of the diatomaceous earth at the top of the furnace should be checked, and if it sinks, it should be filled again.

5. Maintenance of Box-Type Resistance Furnace

 ①Always pay attention to the furnace lining and resistance wire support bricks, and repair them if they are damaged.

 ②Check the heating wire frequently. If there is contact between the two wires, separate them in time.

 ③Monthly check the tightening of the chuck of the resistance wire lead rod, remove the oxide skin and tighten the chuck in time.

 ④ Clean the furnace weekly to remove oxides and workpieces lost in the furnace.

 ⑤Check the use of the furnace door lifting wire frequently, and replace it if it is damaged.

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