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High temperature vacuum sintering furnace

Which vacuum sintering furnace is better?

vacuum sintering furnace

    Nuotai high temperature and high pressure Vacuum Sintering Furnace mainly uses argon/nitrogen/hydrogen as the process atmosphere, high vacuum acquisition system, mainly used for powder metallurgy products, titanium alloy products, high specific gravity alloy products, magnetic material products, mold steel, tool steel, etc. Debinding and sintering of products.

    Zhengzhou Nuotai Technology Co., Ltd. is a comprehensive enterprise mainly engaged in the research and development, production, sales and service of new material production equipment and powder metallurgy production equipment. The company's personnel have many years of technology and production experience, and can provide users with the best solutions for the perfect system. The high-pressure vacuum sintering furnace produced by the company can reach a maximum sintering temperature of 1700℃, which can be used for sintering inorganic materials under vacuum (or protective atmosphere) hot pressing conditions to obtain high-density products (such as the production of high-precision nitriding Silicon ceramic bearings, etc.).

     In addition, the company is also engaged in metal injection molding vacuum debinding and sintering furnace, titanium alloy vacuum debinding and sintering furnace, high-density alloy vacuum debinding and sintering furnace, powder metallurgy pressed products, soft magnetic industry, porous material industry, diamond tool industry, heat treatment industry , Ceramic materials industry, mineral environmental protection recycling industry, etc. are involved.
In addition, Nuotai Technology's Vacuum Furnace series also include vacuum hot pressing furnaces , vacuum annealing furnaces , small vacuum heat treatment furnaces , vacuum carbon tube furnaces , and vacuum brazing furnaces . Users can choose different vacuum degrees, temperatures and furnace sizes according to actual needs.

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