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Problems that may occur in the use of high temperature laboratory electric furnace

There are usually the following problems when using high-temperature laboratory electric furnaces:

  1. When the control power switch is turned on, there is no power indication. The cause of this situation is that the control circuit or the fuse is broken. Use the elimination method to replace the fuse or the fuse. 

  2. It is found that there is voltage and no current. The reason for this situation is that the heating element is broken. At this time, turn off the power and check the heating element carefully, find the broken one and replace it.

 3. The indicator SV displays ORAL alternately. In this case, check the thermocouple for open circuit and replace the thermocouple in time.

 4. There is another situation where SV displays HILA alternately, and the upper limit temperature of the furnace body is protected by the instrument. At this time, the temperature should be reduced to a safe temperature and the instrument will automatically return to normal (check the cause of overtemperature)

 5. The power supply is normal, but the furnace body does not work. This may be caused by the wrong modification of the instrument parameters. Change the correct parameters at this time.

 6. The power supply and heating elements are normal but the furnace body cannot heat up. The biggest reason is that the control circuit is damaged. Inform professional maintenance personnel for on-site maintenance.

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The precautions for daily maintenance and operation of high temperature laboratory electric furnace are as follows:

  1. When starting the electric furnace power supply heating, be sure to press the heating button when the meter is in standby.

  2. When the electric furnace is cooled down, it must drop below 500 degrees before turning off the power. 

  3. Do not change the internal parameters of the instrument randomly to prevent the electric furnace from not operating normally.

  4. The furnace door should be closed and pulled gently.

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