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Dental laboratory equipment

In the production of ceramic dental restorations (such as crowns, bridges, inlays and inlays), dental ovens or dental ovens are used. The furnace can reach high temperature and high pressure to process the ceramic material into a hardened final state. Many ovens today have touch screen controls, preset programs, and the ability to connect to the Internet.
dental furnace
What type of dental furnace can be used?
There are a variety of dental furnaces available, including ceramic combination furnaces, ceramic furnaces and sintering furnaces. Ceramic furnaces can process conventional ceramics, and combined furnaces can increase the ability to operate at the pressure required to compress ceramics. The sintering furnace can reach the limit temperature required for processing zirconia after grinding. There are also glass furnaces for setting certain stains and glazes to add the final shadow details to the restoration.

What should be considered when choosing a dental furnace?
When you are ready to purchase a furnace, make sure to choose a furnace that can handle the materials you use in your lab or laboratory. Make sure that the furnace you use is easy to clean and properly maintained between uses.

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