tube furnace

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Basic knowledge of vacuum furnace installation

    In August, in order to improve the product knowledge of sales colleagues, the leader of Zhengzhou Nuotai Technology specially organized colleagues to transport them back from the factory, box furnace, vacuum furnace, experimental tube furnace, and other products to the office. Let everyone have more time to understand our products.
Sliding tube furnace

Sliding tube furnace
    Of course, it’s not just a matter of looking and understanding that it’s so simple. The result that the leader wants is that each colleague will install it independently, and explain the characteristics and functions of each part, as well as the operating specifications.
    Different products such as box furnaces, muffle furnaces, tube furnaces, vacuum furnaces, and atmosphere furnaces have their own advantages. Only by thoroughly understanding their principles can we better understand the products and recommend more suitable products to customers.
    Colleagues who have followed Nuotai's public account before have certain advantages this time, because there are a lot of knowledge and explanations of operating specifications. Colleagues who are not very familiar with this time are also studying very seriously, and have basically mastered it in less than a week. This study is very meaningful. In the future, we can better let customers understand the characteristics of products and recommend more suitable products to customers from the standpoint of customer use to achieve a win-win situation!

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