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Why does the vacuum furnace not work well after being left for a while?

Many times our furnace will be left for a period of time if it is not used for a long time, and then when we use it, we find that there will be big or small problems? What is the problem?

    Nuotai Technology will tell you today the most easily overlooked problem. Under normal circumstances, our tube furnaces, muffle furnaces, vacuum furnaces, atmosphere furnaces, dental furnaces, vacuum tube furnaces, etc. need daily maintenance. , The following is the daily maintenance method of vacuum furnace:
    1. Daily maintenance methods of vacuum furnace

1) The indoor environment setting of the vacuum furnace, indoor application, the indoor temperature is -10~40℃;
2) The altitude does not exceed one kilometer;
3) The relative humidity of the indoor environment does not exceed 85%RH;
4) There are no conductive dust, flammable and explosive objects and gases in the surrounding environment, and corrosive gases that can seriously damage metal materials;
5) There is no vibration or bumps;

   2. The actual operation setting of the vacuum furnace

1) Regularly check whether the contact of the connection part of the electric control system is good.
2) The actual operation of the correct application specification, the maximum temperature of 1200 ℃ can not be used for a long time.
3) Avoid overheating and overload operation, and resolutely put an end to sudden temperature rise and power outage and rapid cooling, so as not to damage the furnace and heating wire.
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     3. Heating setting of vacuum furnace

1) It is strictly forbidden to directly add workpieces with high moisture, volatiles, organic compounds, etc. into the furnace for heating treatment.
2) It is strictly forbidden to put metal materials, glass and other high-temperature melting materials into the furnace for heating treatment without loading the crucible.

 4. After-use maintenance of vacuum furnace
1) Frequently check the condition of the electric heating element. If it is aging, broken, or short-circuited, it should be repaired and replaced in time.
2) Frequently remove the scraps, dust particles and scattered objects in the furnace to keep the furnace clean.
3) It is strictly forbidden to overload the vacuum furnace to avoid damage to the structure of the machine and equipment.

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