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Introduction to the quality and characteristics of tube furnaces

    The furnace body of the tube furnace is generally made of cold-rolled steel plate, and is additionally equipped with colored paint. For example, the tube furnaces traded by Zhengzhou Nuotai Science and Technology Co., Ltd. are generally matched with gray-blue paint, with a beautiful appearance. The hearth of the tube furnace is generally made of alumina refractory material, and both ends of the hearth are fixed on the furnace cover with a ring made of refractory material. The middle of the furnace and the furnace body is masonry made of refractory materials as an insulation layer. The tube of the tube furnace is generally corundum tube, quartz tube or stainless steel tube. The quality of each wiring is also high-quality copper wire. Safe and durable.
Tubular high temperature furnace
    Characteristics of tube furnace:
1. The energy saving effect is more than 80% of the old electric furnace.
2. Temperature control accuracy: ±1℃, constant temperature accuracy: ±2℃.
3. Good energy-saving and thermal insulation performance.
4. Fully intelligent control, programmable controller, automatic heating/cooling.
5. Various gases (oxygen, nitrogen, hydrogen, argon, etc.) can be added.
6. Vacuum degree: 0.01 to -0.1 (MPa) so that the extinguished object is extinguished without impurities.
7. The operation is simple, and the program can be quickly heated and cooled.
 The tube furnace is used as a heating furnace for heat treatment experiments, which satisfies the experiments of some workpieces that require atmospheric maintenance to a great level. However, as industry needs change from time to time, tube furnaces will also be updated from time to time in the future. Better meet customer needs.

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