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A brief introduction to the crucible furnace

   A crucible is placed in the furnace, and the furnace body is a fixed or tiltable furnace.
crucible furnace
  The vacuum pit crucible furnace integrates the control system and the hearth. The hearth insulation material adopts the overall vacuum adsorption molding, and the imported resistance wire is programmed to inlay. The ultra-large-diameter quartz furnace chamber and vacuum sealing flange  system can quickly heat the sample in a flowing atmosphere and a vacuum state. Mainly used for sintering, melting and analysis of metal, non-metal and compound materials. The control panel is equipped with an intelligent temperature regulator to control the power switch and the main heating work/stop button for observation at any time.

  crucible furnace main feature
1.High-quality molybdenum-iron-chromium-aluminum alloy as the heating element, which can be heated to 1200℃. High-purity quartz cup: 205 outer diameter x 190 inner diameter x 340 height mm

2.High-precision stainless steel needle valve, vacuum gauge and vacuum flange can be used directly.

3.The built-in 30-segment programmable precision digital temperature controller can control the temperature rise and fall rate.

  crucible furnace main application
High purity compound calcined in vacuum or inert gas Annealed or diffused semiconductor wafers up to 6" diameter

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