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Introduction of box-type resistance furnace heat treatment technology

Box-type resistance furnaces are generally used in schools, laboratories, laboratories, factories and many other enterprises, the application of box-type resistance furnace heat treatment and glass firing, etc., can also be used for general small steel parts quenching, annealing, and recycling It is used for heat treatment such as fire. Of course, the box-type resistance furnace can also be used for high heat such as metal, ceramics, dissolution, analysis, etc.

  Box-type resistance furnace products must be operated at high temperatures, so what we have to think about is that it must be tested at high temperatures. Of course, this test is not compatible with any equipment, like ordinary equipment. Although it can withstand high-temperature baking, it is still insignificant to achieve the advantages of box-type resistance furnaces. As a result, even if we have to rely on box-type resistance furnaces to produce some products. And a topic we are going to talk about today is that a very important part of the box-type electric furnace in the production operation is heat treatment. Of course, why the box-type resistance furnace can withstand high temperatures, you can see the introduction of the heat treatment technology structure below.

  Heat treatment technology structure introduction:

  1. The outer shell is made of high-quality cold-rolled steel plate, and the surface is sprayed with plastic technology. The furnace door adopts a side-opening layout, which is sensitive to opening and closing.

  2. The medium temperature box furnace adopts a closed furnace. The heating element is made of a spiral shape with electric heating alloy wire, and it surrounds the four walls of the furnace. The furnace temperature is uniform and the service life is extended during heat dissipation.

  3. The high-temperature tubular resistance furnace uses high-temperature combustion tubes, and uses silicon carbide rods as heating elements to install in the furnace jacket.

  4. The high-temperature box-type resistance furnace uses silicon carbide rods as heating elements, which are installed directly in the furnace, with high heat utilization.

  5. This series of resistance furnace insulation materials use lightweight foam insulation bricks and aluminum silicate fiber cotton to reduce heat storage and thermal conductivity, resulting in large heat storage in the furnace and shortening the heating time, low surface temperature rise, and low empty furnace loss rate. The power is also greatly reduced.

  6. The controller is divided into: pointer type, digital display type, microcomputer multi-band control type. After reading the structure introduction above, I believe you should have an understanding of why the product can withstand high temperatures. If you still don’t understand, you can ask Experts, this is what the editor wrote.

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