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What are the advantages and uses of high temperature electric furnaces?

Do you know the advantages of Zhengzhou Nuotai Technology's high-temperature electric furnace? What is its purpose? Now Zhengzhou Nuotai Technology will introduce to you.

   Zhengzhou Nuotai technology electric furnace advantages:

   1. Natural air heat insulation type, light and easy to carry.

   2. The heating speed is as fast as 1100℃, and it only takes about 30 minutes.

  3. Both sides of the furnace are heated by radiation, and the temperature distribution is even.

   4. Temperature control: PID automatic control LED digital display.

  5. Insulation: Imported high temperature resistant ceramic wool insulation and ceramic board, high aluminum wool triple insulation.

  6. ​​Heater: KANTHAL heater imported from Sweden, durable, stable heating and fast heating speed.

  7. The interior is made of high-temperature resistant ceramic plates, which are not easily deformed, and the exterior is galvanized and high-temperature baking paint is beautiful and not easy to peel off.

The main indicators of Zhengzhou Nuotai high-temperature electric furnace:

  Production method: atmosphere protection continuous production

   Heating method: electric heating

  Calcined product: powder material

  Using temperature: 60℃—1700℃

   Temperature control accuracy: ≤±1℃

The scope of application of the high temperature electric furnace of Zhengzhou Nuotai Technology: The high temperature furnace is a national standard energy-saving electric furnace for periodic operation. It is mainly used for heat treatment of alloy steel products, various metal parts, such as normalizing, quenching, annealing, or diamond cutting blades. High temperature sintering use.

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