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How to avoid leakage failure when using a long-term idle high-temperature vacuum atmosphere furnace

The high-temperature vacuum atmosphere furnace is a device for heating in a vacuum environment. It generally consists of a furnace, an electric heating device, a sealed furnace shell, a vacuum system, a power supply system, and a temperature control system. High-temperature vacuum atmosphere furnaces are classified into vacuum resistance furnaces, vacuum induction furnaces, vacuum arc furnaces, vacuum consumable arc furnaces, electron beam furnaces and plasma furnaces according to heating elements.

high-temperature vacuum atmosphere furnace

  High-temperature vacuum atmosphere furnaces generally have more leakage failures in the spring and autumn seasons, and high-temperature vacuum atmosphere furnaces that have been idle for a long time are more prone to leakage failures when they are only used. Vacuum leak detection is necessary at this time. Vacuum leak detection is generally done once a month to measure the pressure rise rate (at room temperature, close all vacuum valves, stop the vacuum system, read a number after 10 minutes, and then read a number after 1 hour. The difference between the numbers is the value of the pressure rise rate), and grasp the change trend of the equipment leakage.

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