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Precautions for trolley annealing furnace

The production and development of the trolley annealing furnace plays an important role. The furnace temperature reaches 1200 degrees, and the furnace inner diameter reaches 0.8 meters. In order to promote the heating of large workpieces, a trolley furnace is proposed to be suitable for heating steel ingots and billets. In order to heat the long rods, a pit furnace was also proposed. Since the 1920s, the appearance of mechanization and movable furnaces can increase the output rate and working conditions of heating furnaces.

  With the development of fuel resources and the progress of fuel conversion technology, the fuel of the trolley annealing furnace has gradually changed from solid fuels such as lump coal, coke and pulverized coal, such as gaseous and liquid fuels such as coal gas, city gas, natural gas, diesel, fuel oil and other fuels. The corresponding incineration of fuel has been developed.

  The structure of the trolley annealing furnace, heating process, temperature control and atmosphere of the trolley annealing furnace will directly affect the quality of processed products. In the casting heating furnace, increasing the heating temperature of the metal can reduce the deformation resistance, but too high temperature will cause the crystal grains to grow, oxidize or overheat, which will seriously affect the processing quality of the workpiece. In the heat treatment process, if the steel is heated to a point above the critical temperature and then suddenly cooled, the hardness and strength of the steel will increase; if the steel is heated to a point below the critical temperature and then slowly cooled, the hardness of the steel will decrease Toughness increases toughness.

  In order to obtain accurate scale and smooth appearance of the workpiece, or reduce metal oxidation, in order to achieve the purpose of protecting the mold and reducing the processing allowance, there are fewer and no oxidation heating furnaces available. In an open flame heating furnace with little or no oxidation, gas fuel incineration is recycled, and the oxidation loss rate can be reduced to less than 0.3% by heating the workpiece.

  Trolley-type annealing furnace controllable atmosphere furnace is an artificially prepared atmosphere, which can be used for heat treatment such as gas carburizing, carbonitriding, bright quenching, normalizing, annealing, etc. to achieve the purpose of changing the metallographic arrangement and improving the mechanical properties of the workpiece. In the mobile particle furnace, burning gaseous fuel or other flow externally applied to flow through graphite particles or other lazy bed forced particle layer. Buried in the granular layer can concentrate the heating of the workpiece, and non-oxidizing heating such as carburizing and nitriding can be performed at the same time. In the salt bath furnace, molten salt solution is used as the heating medium to prevent the oxidative decarburization of the workpiece. Cast iron smelting in a cupola is usually affected by the quality of coke, air supply method, burden condition and air temperature, making it difficult to stabilize the smelting process and difficult to obtain high-quality molten iron. The hot-blast cupola can increase the temperature of the molten iron, reduce the burning loss of the alloy, and reduce the oxidation rate of the molten iron, thereby producing cast iron.

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