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Maintenance and maintenance of muffle furnace

Maintenance and maintenance of muffle furnace

Muffle furnace is also called box-type electric furnace, box-type furnace, etc. Box-type furnace is a common furnace type for material heat treatment experiments, and is widely used in various industries that require material heat treatment experiments.

1. Before homework    

    1. Check the cleanliness of the furnace and clean the oxide scale.  

    2. Check the lubrication of the axles and slide rails of the furnace door opening mechanism.   

    3. Check the installation and tightness of the furnace lining, resistance wire and thermocouple lead rod, and check whether the meter is normal.   

    4. Check that the resistance wire at the bottom of the furnace, the bottom plate of the furnace, the transmission mechanism of the movable furnace bottom, and the lead wire of the motor are purchased normally and well.  

    5. The operator wears the required protective equipment and is familiar with the "Safety Operating Regulations".  

2. In operation  

    1. If it is a new box furnace, the oven needs to be baked first according to the "Box Furnace Operating Regulations".  

    2. Keep heat preservation according to "Technology Regulations".  

    3. After the oven is completed, it can be tested or produced.  

3. After homework  

    1. Cut off the power supply.  

    2. Follow the "Box Furnace Operating Regulations" to make the furnace.  

    3. Reinstall the furnace and repeat the above procedure.  

4. continuous operation, you must fill out the "shift recording," while to pay in person transfer of class one knows. 

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