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Precautions for the use of high temperature box furnace

Precautions for the use of high temperature box furnace

1. The high-temperature box furnace often involves the heating process of smelting, drying, baking and other chemical reactions in the working process. The fuels that provide heat sources for these equipment mainly include gas fuel, liquid fuel, solid fuel and electricity.

2. The use of these heating equipment can easily cause burns and electric shocks. If gas or liquid fuel is used, once the gas or liquid leaks or overflows, it may also pose a risk of fire and explosion.

3. The lifting mechanism of the furnace door must be intact when the high temperature box furnace is used. The broken wire of the steel wire rope must not exceed the specified value. The heavy hammer should be properly configured. The exposed transmission department should be equipped with a protective cover. If it is a water-cooled furnace door, it is still necessary to ensure that the pipeline is unblocked, and the pipeline is not frozen in winter.

4. The furnace door of the high temperature box furnace must have a limit device. When entering and exiting the furnace, there must be an interlock device to block the power supply. The number of broken wires in the wire rope must not exceed 10% in the pitch. . It is required that the protective device of the exposed transmission department should maintain an accurate installation position and a reasonable structure.

5. The steel wire rope pulley of the furnace car should be intact. All pulleys and sprockets on the kiln are in good condition, without defects, and rolling flexibly.

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