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What to pay attention to when using inert gas in tube furnace

The tube furnace uses zirconia as the inner tank, and the heating element uses the newly launched 1700 type silicon molybdenum rod. The operating temperature has increased by 100 degrees on the basis of the original 1600 degrees. The operation is stable and easy to use. The characteristic is that this furnace can work to 1700 degrees in a short time. 

If the furnace uses inert gas as the working gas, you need to pay attention to the following issues:
  1. Connect the working gas gas path, and connect the gas outlet of the tube furnace to a mechanical pump.
  2. Tube furnace air pressure gauge When the air pressure is stable, close the tube furnace air inlet valve, open the air outlet valve, evacuate to -0.1, and close the tube furnace air outlet valve.
  3. Turn the knob counterclockwise to open the main valve of the gas cylinder, and turn the knob clockwise to slowly open the outlet pressure reducing valve so that the outlet pressure is 0.004mpa (2 small divisions).
  4. Turn the knob counterclockwise to slowly open the tube furnace air inlet valve; pay close attention to the tube furnace air pressure gauge to confirm that the air pressure is below 0.08mpa (if the air pressure is higher than 0.08mpa, open the tube furnace air outlet valve to vent).
  5. When the vacuum gauge of the tube furnace reaches -0.1 (when the pointer reaches the end), close the outlet valve and close the inlet valve.
  6. Open the inlet valve of the tube furnace, turn on the power supply of the vacuum pump, open the outlet valve (pay attention to holding the flange to avoid excessive force on the furnace tube), and evacuate the corundum tube and gas pipeline.
  7. Repeat steps 4 and 5 twice.
  8. Turn off the mechanical pump and open the air inlet valve of the tube furnace.

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