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Why does the tube furnace emit black smoke

In the process of using the tube furnace, sometimes black smoke will appear. For different problems, we need to take different countermeasures. Do not operate blindly, then we will simply understand Next, why does black smoke appear?
Ordinary tubular furnace
  Some customers who have used tube furnaces may find this problem. Although biomass pellet fuel has high combustion efficiency, there will be black smoke during the combustion process. In fact, there are many reasons for black smoke. It may be caused by many reasons. So we cannot generalize that it is not useful.

  First of all, we must consider whether the biomass pellet fuel is of poor quality and contains more impurities. Another reason is that the feeding of the tube furnace is too fast, which leads to insufficient combustion of the biomass pellet fuel. It has not been cleaned up for a long time, and is the flue blocked due to the use of too long? The possible reason is that its chimney is not installed properly, which causes the resistance of the flue to increase. The reason why the furnace burns and emits black smoke.

  Of course, the occurrence of black smoke in the tube furnace is far more than these reasons, and there are some other methods. Therefore, when we are using it, we must understand and understand and find the root cause to solve it. , Let it play a better effect.

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