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How to save energy in tube furnace

Tube furnace is a general term for industrial gas furnaces that perform various metal heat treatments on metal workpieces. It has brought great contributions to our production, life and economic development. There are many ways to save energy in normal production processes and use. The specific methods are as follows:
Laboratory Tube Furnace
  Four tips for energy saving:
  1. Equipment maintenance and maintenance: During production, the equipment should be regularly maintained and the furnace and furnace doors should be checked for airtightness. The related instruments and meters of the distribution box should be calibrated and maintained regularly to reduce the loss caused by the shutdown of the furnace due to electrical failure.

  2. Cooling medium: Many mechanical parts are alloy structural steel, so when considering quenching medium, choose to use aqueous solution.

  3. Tempering process: The tempering process is to determine the waste heat of the heat treatment furnace to be used according to the tempering temperature of the parts. The general rule is that the tempering temperature of the parts is lower than the furnace waste heat temperature by about 300 degrees. In this case, the workpiece is put into the furnace. The set value of tempering process temperature is reached soon.

  4. Tube furnace quality control: In fact, when the workpiece is heat-treated, it is itself energy-saving. If a workpiece is not subjected to effective and reasonable heat treatment, the use time limit of the part will not be very long, and the early failure of the part must be Manufacture new parts to replace, which will have to clean up raw materials, machining man-hours, and other related expenses.

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