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How to deal with the aging phenomenon of tube furnace

The tube furnace is a kind of kiln we are more familiar with, and it is also one that can be used frequently. It is prone to aging and abrasion when working in a high temperature environment for a long time. If it is not repaired for a long time, it will Cause damage to the equipment, serious accidents. So, let's introduce how to deal with its aging phenomenon.
High Vacuum Tube Furnace
  1. The use of inorganic glue to bond refractory bricks during maintenance of the tube furnace has high strength, good heat resistance and long service life, so inorganic bonding and pasting technology are preferred.

  2. Glue, if the water absorption is slow, you can directly spread the paste glue around the bricks; if the fire bricks have serious water absorption, first soak it with component B and apply the glue. The compressive strength of the cured glue is as high as about 90MPa , The tensile strength is 1.8-3.3MPa, far exceeding actual needs.

  3. Process: room temperature×(12-24)h→80℃×2h→150℃×2h.

  The above is about how to deal with the aging phenomenon of the tube furnace. In fact, the aging phenomenon of the tube furnace is mostly related to improper operation and improper maintenance. Therefore, daily maintenance is still very important. If you deal with the aging problem of the furnace in the future, You can refer to the above points.

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