tube furnace

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Working principle of tube furnace

Tube furnaces are mainly used in metallurgy, glass, heat treatment, lithium battery positive and negative materials, new energy, abrasive tools and other industries, and are professional equipment for measuring materials under certain temperature conditions. The furnace structure is simple, easy to operate, easy to control, and capable of continuous production. Its working principle is as follows:
High Pressure Tube Furnace
    The tube furnace uses gas and air to diffusely burn to form a high-temperature flame, heat the furnace and partition walls, and heat the gas itself to a high temperature, so that the furnace tube is directly exposed to the high-temperature gas and flame. Radiation, on the other hand, the influence of gas flow infiltration plays a role of convective heating. 

     The furnace tube in the radiation chamber is mainly subjected to high heat radiation, and the tar in the tube can be heated to about 400°C, so it is suitable for two-stage heating. There are 70 furnace tubes in the convection chamber, which are dominated by heat conduction due to gas infiltration. The tar in the tubes can generally only be heated to about 130°C, so it is suitable for two-stage heating and dehydration.

 The shell of the tube furnace is made of national standard steel, and its shell has the advantages of temperature resistance, durability, oxidation resistance, acid resistance, and corrosion resistance; careful matching of colors makes the product beautiful and durable! The hearth material is all made of imported Morgan fiber, and the hearth is assembled by several refractory fiber blocks, which greatly avoids the phenomenon of rapid cold and hot cracks.

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