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The use method and characteristics of automatic rotary vacuum tube furnace

Automatic rotating vacuum The use method and characteristics of tube furnace

Product introduction:
      Automatically rotating tube furnace , the furnace tube can rotate steadily, without jitter during the rotating process, and the speed is 1~8rpm (adjustable). This series of automatic rotary tube furnace integrates the control system with the furnace chamber. The control system is equipped with intelligent temperature adjustment instruments, power and insurance indicator lights, voltmeters, and ammeters to observe the working status of the system at any time. The furnace uses vacuum-pressed high-purity alumina fiber as the insulation material, and the heat source uses imported resistance wire or silicon carbon rod as the heating element , and uses an "S" type thermocouple to control the temperature. The heating elements are parallel to the furnace tube and are evenly distributed around the furnace tube, which helps to maintain the stability of the temperature field. Both ends of the furnace tube are sealed with stainless steel flanges. During the heating process, the heat-treated sample rotates evenly and steadily with the furnace tube, which is especially beneficial for the uniform heating of the powdered sample. 

     It can be opened quickly and the temperature can be quickly raised and lowered, which is convenient for customers to load and heat treat special materials. It is a special equipment specially developed for the sintering, analysis and testing of metals, non-metals and related powdered materials in the atmosphere or vacuum state in universities, scientific research institutes and industrial and mining enterprises.

Main purpose and scope of application:
     Used for pre-sintering, sintering, coating, CVD process, PVD process, etc. of electronic ceramic products in metallurgy, machinery, light industry, commodity inspection, universities and scientific research departments, industrial and mining enterprises.
Method of use and features
1. Mount the sample furnace and remove the stainless steel heating tube (loose the flange wing nuts at both ends to separate the two flanges), make the cylinder vertical to the ground, and then screw the screw plug at the inner end of the cylinder Down (the screw plug at the other end does not move), insert the funnel into the plug in the barrel from the outside of the barrel, pour the material into the funnel into the barrel, then level the barrel, remove the screw plug at the other end, and fix the barrel back to the original Filling is complete;

2. The heat treatment of the sample,
     customers can set the heating, constant temperature, cooling program and set the rotation rate according to their own process requirements, and then turn on the power, the entire heat treatment process will run automatically according to the program, without watch, 30 sections Programmable.

3. After the sample is taken out and the heat treatment process is over, disconnect the main power supply, loosen the flange wing nut, separate the flange cover, screw on the screw plugs at both ends, then remove the cylinder, open the screw plug at the end, and Transfer the sample inside to the receiving container; then restore the cylinder to the body;

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