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The use of box type experimental electric furnace

Box-type experimental electric furnace
aliases: experimental electric furnace, heat treatment electric furnace, high-temperature electric furnace, box-type electric furnace, laboratory electric furnace, muffle furnace
Temperature range: RT~1400℃ Purpose: box-type electric furnace has a very wide range of use, suitable for industrial and mining enterprises , Research institutes, laboratories of colleges and universities, etc. For chemical analysis, physical determination, and heat treatment of metal parts and small mold steel parts.

experimental electric furnace

Product structure features:

1. This series of resistance furnaces are made of steel plate with beautiful appearance.

2. The working room is a whole hearth made of high-aluminum poly-light fired. The heating element silicon carbide rods are generally arranged up and down, and there are also left and right arrangements.

3. The thermal insulation material adopts light-weight mullite and aluminum silicate composite thermal insulation material.

4. The temperature control part matched with the electric furnace adopts PID adjustable intelligent instrument control, which can program multiple program segments to accurately control the firing process of the product, and has protection functions such as overcurrent, current limiting, and overheating.

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