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Precautions when building box furnaces and box electric furnaces

Precautions for box furnaces and box-type electric furnaces

1. The ambient temperature is strictly in accordance with the relevant requirements of the "Code for Construction and Acceptance of Industrial Furnace Masonry Engineering". The key points can be pre-built to check the technical parameters, and then formally built when appropriate.
2. When performing targeted repairs on the part of the box-type electric furnace, dismantle the unrepaired parts of the masonry to ensure the integrity and looseness, and eliminate the possibility of the masonry collapse or individual bricks falling.
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   When watering the dismantled parts of the box-type electric furnace, spray water with fine water. For box-type furnaces, prevent water from accumulating in the furnace and flowing to parts that do not need to be repaired; the remaining old masonry should be leveled and aligned; There are stepped bosses, which must be carefully cleaned up; attention should be paid to the combination of old and new masonry. When the old mud is firmly bonded and difficult to remove, thin mud must be used when building stepped bricks; for low-lying and uneven places, it can be used Fill the plug with thick mud with broken bricks.
   When pulling out the broken bricks, thebox furnacecannot directly pull the broken bricks. Pull out the intact bricks near the broken bricks, shake them left and right, gently take them out, and then take the broken bricks. Do not use a hard object to knock it hard to avoid cracks in the lining. When repairing and replacing the refractory pipe, remove the insulator, remove the lead rod, and then gently tap the pipe with a special hook to loosen it, insert the end of the pipe, and hook it out. Be careful not to break the diatomaceous earth bricks.
   In the process of wall building,if thebox furnace isstopped or the bricklaying has temporary obstacles, do not leave a vertical socket, and build the layer into a stepped setback or a protruding staggered platform. The built wall cannot be adjusted by smashing bricks. The wall has a large deviation and should be removed and rebuilt. The bricks should be cut neatly and accurately, and the mud should be mixed and used.
3. Pay attention to selecting bricks when building the box-type electric furnace.
   Select the bricks to be laid on the same layer,box furnaceTry to choose bricks with the same external dimensions (the quality requirement of the national standard stipulates that the brick size tolerance is ±2mm). Check the brick surface, observe the shape and color, check the dimensional tolerance, distortion, missing corners, missing edges, melting holes, slag corrosion and cracks, etc. The surface must be smooth, without cracks, slag corrosion and vitrification, and no missing edges When the corner is dropped, the structure must be uniform and there should be no large debris, no pores, cracks and layered structure are allowed, and the clinker particles should not fall off and crack, and should not be damp. Put the well-sintered, defect-free bricks on the forehand side and put them in the furnace. Bricks with missing edges and corners or processed bricks should not be placed where the furnace is in direct contact with flames, molten steel or slag (should not face the furnace or in contact with the furnace gas), and where gravity is exposed.

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