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Understand the structural characteristics of the experimental electric furnace

     Zhengzhou Protech will take you to understand the structural characteristics of the experimental electric furnace. The structural characteristics of the experimental electric furnace are as follows: 
electric muffle furnace
1. The shell of the experimental electric furnace is formed by welding with better steel plates. The working room is a hearth supported by refractory materials, with heating elements placed in it, and the hearth and the furnace shell are built with insulation materials.  

2. The furnace door of the experimental electric furnace is fixed on the electric furnace panel by multi-stage hinges. The furnace door is closed by the weight of the furnace door handle, and the furnace door is tightly attached to the furnace door by leveraging. When opening, you only need to move the handle slightly Lift up, pull out after unhooking, and place the furnace door on the left side. In addition, the lower end of the furnace mouth is equipped with an automatic cut-off power switch, which automatically cuts off the power when the furnace door is opened to ensure simple operation. 

3. The temperature control of the experimental electric furnace adopts a new type of temperature controller with digital display and high precision.

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