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Characteristics of box furnace control system

     The characteristics of the box furnace control system The box furnace is also known as the muffle furnace. The box furnace is a box-shaped furnace. The box furnace heats, heats, and cools the product. The product is fixed during the entire heating process, and the feeding and discharging are carried out through a single door or groove. Good user interface Thebox furnace system organizes the man-machine interface under the pull menu. The drop-down menu clearly marks the operating window the user is in, so that the user is aware of the nature of the current operation.

laboratory muffle furnace specifications

     The prompt line below the window clearly prompts the operations and operating methods allowed under the window, making the system extremely easy to use. Error messages and more complicated Chinese character input are given through pop-up windows, which makes the system very easy to operate. Rigorous and thoughtful process thinkingThe design of the process library of the box furnace is closely integrated with the production of parts. The process includes various records of information before, during and after the parts are processed, which is convenient for monitoring and reference. In the process of parts processing, the function of online modification of the process is provided, and human control factors can be added to the automatic control process, making the control of the part processing results more flexible. 
    The parameters used for simulation calculation are adjustable to ensure the accuracy of the calculation results of various parts required for layer depth. After the white piece enters the furnace, the monitoring module will monitor and track it until it is released. The parts processing result record includes the parts entering the furnace, the exit time, the processing curve and the processing results, which can be consulted and printed at any time to facilitate quality tracking. The system can control the three processes of "oil quenching without intercooling", "oil quenching with cooling" and "gas quenching", and can realize carbon infiltration. The "online monitor" function of theintelligent online real-time monitoringbox furnace can automatically compensate for the effects of short-term power outages, unstable furnace conditions and other faults on the parts through the collection and accurate calculation of field data. Finish the adjustment of carbon concentration distribution in the later period of carburizing. 

    When the control process is exited due to a fault and restarted again, the online monitor will accurately calculate the carbon layer concentration distribution in the part during the fault period based on the recorded data, and give several different ways to handle the part. When it is necessary to continue processing, The online monitor will use this result as the initial concentration distribution, and then complete the entire process. Easy to debug and maintain

     When designing the box furnace, in order to facilitate the debugging and maintenance of the system, the software has set the function of “system parameter adjustment” in the “system configuration” module, and set the “furnace gas carbon potential correction” and “ Functions such as "alloy system calculation" and "execute heating process" make it very easy for operators to adjust and maintain the system when the furnace conditions   change after long-term use or overhaul.


The "password management" function of the application "utility" module of the box furnace can set passwords for each function provided in the menu, so as to prevent the key data and process parameters from being illegally changed. In the process of parts processing, any changes made by the operator to the processing process must be confirmed to take effect, so as to avoid misoperation. The changes and actions of the furnace conditions, as well as any changes made by the operator to the execution process, will be recorded in the corresponding database to provide a reliable basis for analyzing the cause of the failure and handling the repaired parts.

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