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The main purpose and scope of application of vacuum box furnace

The main purpose and scope of application of vacuum box furnace:

    It can be applied to the heat treatment process of electronic components, new materials and powder materials under vacuum or atmosphere conditions. It is also used in the pre-firing, sintering and brazing of electronic ceramic products in metallurgy, machinery, light industry, commodity inspection, universities and scientific research departments, industrial and mining enterprises.
Vacuum system description
vacuum box furnace
1. The vacuum system is a diffusion pump unit: it is a diffusion pump + a rotary vane vacuum pump consisting of a high vacuum diffusion pump, a water-cooled baffle, a rotary vane vacuum pump, an electromagnetic vacuum belt inflation valve, and a high vacuum pneumatic baffle valve (main valve) , High-vacuum pneumatic baffle valve pre-pumping valve, high-vacuum pneumatic baffle valve (outlet valve), foreline inflation valve, connecting pipeline, sealing ring, composite vacuum gauge and power distribution cabinet, etc.

2. This unit is not suitable for pumping out gases that are corrosive to metals and chemically react to pump oil. It can be used as a high-vacuum acquisition device for high-tech equipment such as vacuum smelting, vacuum sintering, vacuum heat treatment, vacuum coating, vacuum brazing, and space simulation experimental devices. The working environment temperature is 5-40℃, the relative humidity is not more than 85%, and the cooling water temperature is 25℃+5℃.

3. The degree of vacuum is related to the pumping capacity of the vacuum pump, the tightness of the cabin, and the outgassing of the materials inside the cabin (furnace inner wall, experimental devices, heat sink, etc.). The pressure limit of this unit is 6.67×10-3pa, and the working pressure It is 6.67×10-2pa, and the pumping time is about 1 hour.

4. Diffusion pump cannot form air pumping, and the system pressure must be reduced by the backing pump to the pressure required to start the diffusion pump, generally ≤10pa.

5. A new type of water-cooled baffle is installed at the air inlet of the diffusion pump, which can effectively prevent the oil vapor in the diffusion pump from flowing back into the vacuum chamber and avoid contamination of the experimental equipment.

6. In order to prevent the vacuum oil in the foreline pump from flowing back into the pump cavity of the diffusion

     pump when the pump is stopped, a solenoid valve must be installed at the air inlet of the foreline vacuum to automatically isolate the system pipeline when the pump is stopped.

7. The valves are pneumatically operated, which is easy to operate.

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