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Classification name and introduction of box type high temperature resistance furnace

Classification name and introduction of box type high temperature resistance furnace.

Sealing flanges are used at both ends of the tube furnace, which can realize pre-vacuum, and can pass in various protective gases, oxidizing gases and reducing gases.

Atmosphere furnace
The atmosphere furnace is a high-temperature furnace that integrates the dual characteristics of a box furnace and a tube furnace. It is suitable for experiments and production with larger samples and atmosphere requirements. The appearance of the atmosphere furnace is similar to that of the high temperature furnace, and the air inlet and outlet are added on this basis. The furnace body is sealed and welded, and the furnace door has a high temperature resistant silicone sealing ring, which can play a good sealing role. Therefore, it can be pre-evacuated during use, and can also be passed into various atmospheres. The vacuum effect is slightly worse than that of the tube furnace, but it does not affect the use, and can generally reach 0.05MP.

Domestic high-temperature box-type resistance furnaces usually have other names such as: experimental electric furnace, muffle furnace, Maofu furnace, resistance furnace, electric furnace, high-temperature furnace, etc., which vary according to the habits of different regions and ages.
  The high-temperature box-type resistance furnace is a heating device used in the laboratory. High-temperature furnace is only a general term, in fact, there are many subdivisions in the continuous development process.

Today, I will mainly introduce several common types of high-temperature furnaces produced by mainstream high-temperature furnace manufacturers.

Box furnace
As the name suggests, the box-type high-temperature furnace looks like a box, which is a high-temperature box-type resistance furnace in the traditional sense, but with more powerful functions and better insulation performance. The furnace is generally square, and the size can be customized. The door is opened in the front, and the opening side is pulled outward. There is a door plug inside the door for better heat preservation. This is also a commonly used high temperature furnace, suitable for most laboratories.
The tube furnace is suitable for heating and sintering small workpieces and small samples, and is used in many laboratories of universities and colleges. The working method is to put the quartz or corundum furnace tube into the furnace for heating, and place the workpiece in the heating zone and constant temperature zone.

Pit furnace
 Pit-type furnaces are actually similar to box-type furnaces and atmosphere furnaces from the appearance, and they are all box-shaped. But from the structural point of view, it is very similar to the crucible high temperature furnace. The hearth of the pit furnace is arranged vertically, and samples and workpieces can be taken and placed in the vertical direction. The furnace door is opened above the furnace, and the door is opened and closed in the vertical direction. It is very convenient that automation needs to be improved, such as cooperating with manipulators for automatic experiments. The hearth of the pit furnace is generally round, but there are also many customers who want a square hearth.
In fact, no matter what kind of high-temperature furnace is heating equipment, customers have special requirements as long as they clearly explain to the high-temperature furnace manufacturer, they can experiment and customize. However, the four main high-temperature furnaces above can meet the experimental needs of most customers.

  In addition to high-temperature box-type resistance furnaces used for experiments, many manufacturers now use high-temperature box-type resistance furnaces for production, such as dentures. It is also useful as an annealing furnace, and its application range is becoming wider and wider.

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