tube furnace

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Characteristics of muffle furnace

Characteristics of muffle furnace:

1. Control accuracy: ±1℃ Furnace temperature uniformity: ±1℃ (depending on the size of the heating chamber).
2. Convenient operation, programmable, PID auto-tuning, automatic heating, automatic heat preservation, automatic cooling, no need to be on duty; it can be equipped with computer communication through the computer to operate the electric furnace (start the electric furnace, stop the electric furnace, pause the heating, set the heating curve, and increase the temperature (Curve storage, historical curve, etc.), the software is free for details, see: computer control system.
3. Fast heating (the heating rate is adjustable from 1℃/h to 40℃/min).
4. Energy saving (the furnace chamber is made of imported fiber, resistant to high temperature, rapid heat
and cold)5. The furnace body is exquisitely sprayed, corrosion-resistant, acid and alkali, and the furnace body and the furnace are separated by air-cooled furnace wall temperature close to room temperature
6. Double Circuit protection (over-temperature, over-pressure, over-current, section couple, power failure, etc.)
7. Furnace material imported refractory material, excellent insulation performance, high temperature resistance, resistance to rapidcold andrapid heat

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