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Installation and wiring guide for box furnace equipment

1. Open the box of the box furnace , check whether the equipment is in good condition, and check whether the supporting accessories are complete according to the packing list.

2. The place where the box-type electric furnace equipment is placed should be air ventilated, free of vibration, and free of flammable, explosive gas or high dust.

3. Use the working power voltage corresponding to the purchased equipment, install an air switch that matches the working current of the furnace, and do not introduce high voltage into the reliable connection, so as to avoid damage to the instrument and control. When not in use, turn off the power.

4. Insert the thermocouple into the furnace chamber from the small hole of the fixing seat at the back of the furnace body, and fix it on the fixing seat. According to the thermocouple i1, the connection wire is required to be negative (red wire to (+), black wire or green wire to (-) ). Do not connect the thermocouple i1, the negative connection is reversed, otherwise the temperature measurement and dynamic control cannot be performed.

5. After the box furnace is installed, it should be powered on and tested.

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