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Introduction of Pit Annealing Furnace

Introduction of Pit Annealing Furnace

    Pit annealing furnace is a national standard energy-saving annealing furnace for periodic operation. It is mainly used for annealing heat treatment of mechanical parts such as long shafts, rods, pipe fittings, and can also be used for heat treatment such as normalizing and quenching. Long rod-shaped workpieces, such as barrels, turbine shafts, rotors, etc., are vertically loaded and heated in the pit furnace to avoid bending deformation.

    Structure introduction: The shell of the pit type annealing furnace is a pit type furnace body structure, which is made of high alumina refractory bricks and aluminum silicate fiber composite insulation. When all fibers are used as furnace lining insulation, the heating elements are often heated by high temperature resistance bands, which have a longer service life. , Not easy to break. All the automatic controls of the pit annealing furnace cover in our factory have safety protection. When the furnace cover is opened, the control power is automatically cut off, and the heating can be started when the furnace cover is closed to ensure the safety of the operators.

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