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Sealed composition structure of furnace body of high temperature box furnace

    The hearth of the high-temperature box-type furnace is built with mullite poly light bricks, and silicon carbide panels are used up and down in the hearth. The temperature in the furnace is conducted by the heating element through the silicon carbide panels during the heating process (dark fire heating), and the temperature is more uniform. 

    The furnace shell is sealed. In order to improve the service life of the gasket, a circulating water cooling jacket is installed at the door of the furnace to reduce the temperature of the seal. The air inlet is set at the bottom of the furnace, which is preheated in the heating cavity and enters the furnace in multiple places, and the exhaust is discharged through the back of the furnace top. Ensure that the atmosphere in the furnace is uniform and reduce the temperature difference in the furnace. A gas flow meter is installed on the gas path to control the flow of the atmosphere in normal use. The electrical part of the high-temperature box furnace adopts the structure of the furnace body, and the entire electrical components are installed on the side of the bottom of the furnace body, which has a compact structure and small space occupation. The temperature controller is installed on the side panel of the furnace body for intuitive observation and convenient adjustment. The temperature controller has PID adjustment function, which can automatically track and set the PID value, and can set the measurement index password at will. At the same time, it has a compensation function to make the furnace temperature Same as the displayed value, temperature control method: adopts German Siemens technology, with soft start, soft shutdown, thyristor phase shift voltage regulation control, 0~98% output adjustable, various instrument switches on the panel have corresponding Chinese Signage. It is suitable for various colleges and universities laboratories, industrial and mining enterprise laboratories, for chemical analysis, physical determination, as well as the sintering and melting of metals and ceramics, and the heating, roasting, drying, and heat treatment of small steel parts.     The shape is all rectangular parallelepiped. The furnace shell is made of cold-rolled plates by folding and welding. The working room is a vacuum-formed alumina fiber furnace. The heating element is placed in the furnace. The bottom of the furnace is equipped with an alumina furnace bottom plate; the furnace and the furnace shell are filled with 1400 fiberboard, with a double shell structure and a temperature control system. Integrated design with furnace body. 

The sealing composition structure of the furnace body of the high temperature box furnace:    
(1) The furnace body is welded in a sealed manner, and kerosene leakage is checked;    
(2) The furnace inner liner and the furnace cover are sealed with high temperature silicone gasket;    
(3) The furnace door plate is through bolts pressing the panel with the water jacket, the furnace rear intake port provided to a stainless steel needle valve and rotameter furnace right control the intake amount. The water cooling jacket at the front end of the furnace body is equipped with an exhaust pipe for removing
Exhaust gas in the furnace. The exhaust pipe is equipped with a ball valve to control the exhaust volume;
    (4) There is a water inlet pipe in the lower part of the water cooling jacket, a water outlet pipe in the upper part, and an air outlet and an air inlet;
    (5) The lower part of the furnace body, left and right Intake pipes and valves are installed in the part for gas cleaning the furnace chamber;

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