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Introduction to box furnace temperature control system and control cabinet

Box furnace temperature control system and control cabinet introduction

1. The box furnace temperature control adopts the KKQ series microcomputer temperature controller independently developed by Nobadi Electric Furnace Company and its own brand, which is suitable for quenching, tempering, annealing, and normalization of the box furnace. Various heat treatment processes such as fire, high temperature control accuracy, and fully automated process procedures.
2. The actuator is a well-known domestic brand two-way thyristor, and it is non-contact link to the KKQ series microcomputer temperature controller of the Nobadi electric furnace. It has the advantages of no mechanical contact, no noise, and long service life.
3. The control cabinet can work normally under rated conditions, continuously running 24 hours a day, and the temperature rise of each part does not exceed the requirements of JB2651-92 "Industrial Resistance Furnace Temperature Control Cabinet".
4. The box-type furnace control cabinet is equipped with a multi-channel blue screen paperless recorder, which can directly communicate with the upper computer, which is convenient for the centralized management of the control room staff, and the heat treatment process data can be monitored in real time through the computer.
5. The moving of the box furnace adopts domestically better motors, reducers, contactors and other control components of the brand.
6. The temperature control accuracy is ±1℃.
7. The temperature rise of the metal surface in the control cabinet is ≤30℃, and the temperature rise of the insulator surface is ≤40℃.
8. For the operation of the box furnace, the control cabinet has a device. Including over-temperature alarm light, box-type furnace in-position limiter, furnace door rising to the top limiter, furnace door completely closed limiter, and automatic stop heating when the furnace door is opened.

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