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Tube furnace _ tubular atmosphere furnace Precautions

  Tube furnace_The operator of the tube atmosphere furnace should be qualified to operate the corresponding electrical equipment, and understand the technical documents such as the operating equipment manual!
tube atmosphere furnace
Tube furnace temperature system operation:

When the user switch board powers the electric furnace, the program table is energized, and the heating program is programmed according to the temperature meter manual to set the meter and workpiece requirements. Turn on the heating knob to give the equipment a heating power of 6KW. The heating power can be calculated by referring to the following formula: heating power = instrument voltage × instrument current.

The normal heating current is about 22A, and the heating voltage is 220V.

When the temperature of the program device ends, the execution time=0 section program, and the heating ends. Turn the stop button to the off position and disconnect the user switch. The temperature set by the program cannot be higher than the temperature of the electric furnace parameters.

When the tube furnace is working, the furnace door cannot be opened. After the work is finished, when the product needs to be taken, the product can only be taken after the furnace temperature drops below 100°C. When heating up, the heating power should not exceed 6KW, otherwise the heating element will be damaged.

Tube furnace_Operation method of tube atmosphere furnace: The tube atmosphere furnace has requirements for the use of laboratory equipment, and the loading and unloading adopts intermittent manual loading and unloading. When loading, put the material box on the bracket of the material bowl, open and remove the sealed end cap on the side of the furnace tube, put it on the material box bracket with the material box, and then install the sealed end cover on the furnace tube flange Up and tighten the bolts on the clamp. Then the process atmosphere is added until the oxygen content in the furnace tube reaches the process requirements, and then the temperature rise sintering is performed. After the product sintering process is completed, a small amount of process atmosphere should be added to the furnace tube and the temperature should be lowered until the temperature in the tube furnace is lower than the process requirements, before opening the furnace tube sealing end cover to take out the product.

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