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Rapid annealing furnace_classification of annealing furnace

Many companies use rapid annealing furnaces. There are many types of rapid annealing furnaces. The following are 5 common rapid annealing furnaces:

1. The trolley furnace is a national standard energy-saving periodic furnace. Efficient operation, using fiber structure, super energy-saving structure, saving 30% of electricity. The production adopts composite alumina ceramic nail group, automatic sealing trolley and furnace door rail, trolley anti-impact brick, no foundation installation, and can be used on level ground. Mainly used for annealing, quenching, aging and heat treatment of various mechanical parts of high manganese steel castings, high chromium, ductile iron, steel balls, 45 steel, rolls, stainless steel, etc.

2. Pit annealing furnace: This furnace is used for heat treatment of metal parts such as rings at rated temperature.

3. Box annealing furnace: It is mainly used for normalizing, quenching, annealing and other conventional heat treatment equipment of steel workpieces.

4. Bell annealing furnace: mainly used for annealing and normalizing thin steel plates in natural atmosphere.

5. Bright annealing furnace: continuous bright annealing in a controlled atmosphere, used for different specifications such as steel pipe, copper straight pipe, coil or aluminum pipe.

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