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Introduction and characteristics of box vacuum atmosphere furnace

Introduction and characteristics of box vacuum atmosphere furnace

The box-type vacuum atmosphere furnace uses resistance wire as heating element, adopts double-layer shell structure and intelligent temperature control system, phase-shifting trigger, and thyristor control; furnace chamber adopts 310S stainless steel with high temperature resistance, pressure resistance and oxidation resistance; double Layered shell structure with air-cooling and water-cooling systems can quickly cool down. The furnace door is equipped with circulating water cooling to prevent the sealing ring from aging too quickly and ensure reliable sealing between the furnace door and the furnace.

Main functions and features:
1. The furnace is made of 310S stainless steel material with high temperature resistance, pressure resistance and oxidation resistance, which has good mechanical properties, does not deform at high temperature, and is oxidation resistant. After repeated use, there is no oxide layer falling off;
2. It can be evacuated and can pass into a variety of protective atmospheres (except for flammable, explosive, and highly corrosive gases);
3. The furnace adopts imported alumina polycrystalline fiber material, which has good heat preservation performance, durability, high tensile strength, no impurities, high purity, and energy saving effect is obviously better than domestic fiber materials;
4. The heating element adopts better alloy wire OCr27Al7Mo2, which has uniform and stable heating and long service life. The alloy wire is embedded in the furnace, and the external heating method is adopted to avoid the possibility of contact with the furnace;
5. Automatic pressure relief of overpressure, over-temperature alarm and power-off, leakage protection, simple operation;
6. Our software equipment is interconnected with the computer through the interface, which can realize the functions of single or multiple electric furnaces remote control, real-time tracking, historical records, output reports, etc.; paperless recording devices can be installed to realize data storage and output;
7. It is optional to control the vacuum system, inflation system, and temperature control system through the touch screen operation method, which is simple and convenient to operate and accurate.

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