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Intelligent dental Vacuum Porcelain Furnace

Intelligent dental Vacuum Porcelain Furnace

Intelligent Vacuum Porcelain Furnace applies auto lift and down tray design, it is suitable for all kinds of ceramic powder materials,such as Vita In-Ceramics,Shanghai Jade Crowns,etc., and owns fellowing characteristics.

THE FUNCTIONS OF Intelligent dental Vacuum Porcelain Furnace:

●High quality of the function of temperature adjustment
automatically,ensure the actually temperature error within +/-1.
●Easy to operate,compact size,the smallest size in the world at present.
●Precision stepper motor drive, the smooth and jitter-free functioning,
noise-free,Speed programmable.
●Spiral quartz chamber of furnace
●Temperature adjustment automatically before every firing procedure.
●True color touch screen, the operation is simple and convenient.
●Built in 99 program.

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