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Touch screen zirconia sintering furnace

Touch screen zirconia sintering furnace

Product Description:

The zirconia sintering furnace is specially designed for the sintering of zirconia materials. The furnace material is made of high-purity alumina fiber, which has good thermal insulation properties. The touch screen controller is introduced into the device, which creates an easy-to-learn interface between the operator and the machine. Therefore, we ensure that the zirconia sintering furnace will make your sintering work easier and easier.

Main Feature:

1. Fast sintering and crystallization time of zirconia;

2. Simple English touch screen control panel;

3. Provide various programming curve settings;

4. Unique element to avoid discoloration of zirconia;

5. With automatic lifting tray;

Technical Parameter:

display Touch screen L C D
Available range   ≤1600 ℃
Heating rate   ≤10/min
accuracy   ±1°C
Inner cavity size   Φ120×120mm
Heating element   MoSi2
Thermocouple   Type B
Highest power   1.8kw
Operating Voltage   AC 208V-240V single phase, 50/60 Hz 
temperature control   PID automatic control through SCR power control
Heating curve   50 steps programmable 
Dimensions   400×530×850 (mm)

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