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Mini Vacuum Porcelain Furnace

Mini Vacuum Porcelain Furnace

Product Overview:
Mini vacuum porcelain furnace is mainly used in the processing of dental porcelain powder. The product has 99 custom programs and built-in programs, easy to operate, working temperature, overall dimensions, furnace size can be customized according to requirements.


1. Vacuum porcelain furnace is suitable for all kinds of porcelain powder and ceramic materials.

2. Maximum temperature: 1305 degrees Celsius, working temperature: 1200 degrees Celsius.

3. The maximum holding time of the vacuum porcelain furnace is up to 150 minutes.

4. The vacuum porcelain furnace button has reasonable design and simple installation, which is more suitable for factory use

5. Vacuum pipeline design features, no return air, good vacuum tightness and long service life.

6. Vacuum accuracy can be controlled by two methods of time or temperature setting

7. Large-screen LCD monochrome LCD display, clear data

Technical Parameter:

product name Mini Vacuum Porcelain Furnace
Product number PT-V1200-DK
Furnace size Φ90×100mm (can be customized according to requirements)
Temperature zone height 150mm
Operating temperature 1100°C
Maximum temperature 1200℃ (up to 1700℃ optional)
Temperature control accuracy ±1℃
Power supply AC110/220/440V 50/60HZ
rated power 1500W
Heating element Quartz spiral heater
Furnace material Polycrystalline fiber
Dimensions 400x260x610mm (customizable)
equipment weight 20Kg

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