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1700 electric furnace

1700 electric furnace

High temperature resistance furnace belongs to one of muffle furnaces, which is classified according to temperature.

Generally, it can be divided into low temperature muffle furnaces (generally 1000 degrees), medium temperature muffle furnaces (generally 1000 degrees to 1400 degrees) and high temperature muffle furnaces (above 1600 degrees).

But this classification is not very scientific, sometimes 1000 degree muffle furnace can also be called high temperature, but relatively speaking.

The high-temperature box-type experimental electric furnace, with U-shaped silicon-molybdenum rod as heating element, has air intake and air outlet settings, which can automatically cut off the air intake at the set temperature. Using B-type double platinum-rhodium thermocouple to measure temperature, the temperature controller can automatically control temperature, and the temperature control accuracy is (+1 C). It is a new type of electric furnace with high performance and energy saving developed by our company. The equipment adopts imported energy-saving ceramic fiber material and double-layer structure, which can reduce the external temperature to normal temperature and ensure the uniform temperature distribution in the inner chamber. The comprehensive performance index is relatively high, and it is in the leading level in China. The equipment has the advantages of high temperature, high precision of temperature control, simple operation and convenient maintenance. It can be widely used in electronic ceramics, powder metallurgy, machinery, light industry, commodity inspection, institutions of higher learning and scientific research departments.

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