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1200℃ Mini muffle furnace

1200℃ Mini muffle furnace

1200°C small muffle furnace features:
1. Working temperature: 1100 ° C (short time 1200 ° C).
2. Maximum energy efficiency is achieved by using thermally efficient alumina around the combustion chamber.
Fiber ceramic insulation.
three. Heavy duty double-layer construction with cooling fan. Reduce the temperature inside the enclosure.
4. The PID is automatically controlled by the current limit phase angle to ignite the resistor, such as a thyristor (silicon controlled rectifier).
5. Power control, 30 or 50 segments programmable.


1. Furnace body and intelligent controller integrated design, the whole furnace shape as a whole beautiful and generous.
2. The heating element is heated on three sides, with fast heating speed and uniform temperature; the replacement of furnace wire is convenient and reliable; the panel and chimney are all made of stainless steel, and the surface is made of imported double-color epoxy powder electrostatic spraying process.
3. The furnace is made of advanced light material (0.29 density). Compared with the traditional muffle furnace, the weight is reduced by 2/3, the heating speed is doubled, the energy is saved greatly, and the service life is increased by 4 times.
4. The use of new digital instruments and intelligent temperature control can reduce visual reading and manual operation errors and greatly improve work efficiency.
5. It has a variety of protection functions, which improves the safety and reliability. In addition, the oven has an observation window.

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