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Small box furnace

Small box furnace

KJ-M1200-3.4LZ is a CE-certified small box furnace with a furnace size of 150mmX150mmX150mm (3.4L). It uses high-purity alumina as the furnace material. The surface of the furnace is coated with high-temperature alumina coating and the furnace is clean. The instrument has a long service life and high heating efficiency. The temperature control system adopts the intelligent PID method to adjust the temperature, and can set the 30-stage lifting temperature program, and the maximum working temperature can reach 1200 °C.

Structural characteristics
1. Appearance is treated with high temperature and corrosion resistant paint.
2. Intelligent PID digital display controller is adopted in the console, which has good stability, high precision, ammeter and novel structure.
3. Furnace door should be thickened and strengthened to prevent deformation.
4. The lining is made of high-quality insulating cotton with good insulating effect.
5. Furnace temperature time detection function (without heating, also show the actual temperature of the furnace, easy to observe the temperature of the furnace at any time).
6. The connection is simple, the diagram is clear and the operation is convenient.
7. It has overload protection and short circuit protection.
8. Furnace shell is made of high-quality steel plate by folding welding. The studio is a furnace made of refractory materials. The heating elements are placed in it, and the insulation material is used between the furnace and the shell.

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