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1600 degrees Muffle furnace with windows

1600 degrees Muffle furnace with windows

Product overview:
1. The muffle furnace has a window hole, which can be observed during combustion, which is very helpful to the experiment. In addition, the muffle furnace has a unique touch screen control system, which makes the graphical interface of the control more accurate and easy to operate.
2. The furnace or furnace chamber technology made of unique high-purity alumina fiber material has excellent thermal insulation performance, thus reducing power consumption by 30%
3. It can be equipped with computer software interface to monitor and operate the PC globally.
Technical parameters:



Chamber mode

Side door


Touch screen (LCD)

Maximum temperature

1600 degrees Celsius

Operating temperature

<= 1500 degrees Celsius

Heating rate

It recommended  0~ 10 deg.] C / min

Temperature zone



+ -1 degrees Celsius

Inner cavity size

120 * 120 * 130 (mm)

Heating element



Type B

Highest  power


Operating Voltage

AC 208V-240V single phase, 50/60 Hz

temperature control

PID automatic control through SCR power control

Heating curve

30 steps programmable

Cabinet material

Alumina fiber


390 * 430 * 620 (mm)


One year limited warranty (for wearing parts, such as heating elements 

Not covered by warranty)

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