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1200℃ Top Loading High Temperature Furnace

1200℃ Top Loading High Temperature Furnace

PT-1200-Crucible Top Loading High Temperature Furnace is CE-approved with a 200*300mm  working chamber size. The alumina ceramic chamber is coated with special material to keep the chamber sanitary. It characterizes long service life, high energy efficiency, intellectual temperature adjustment and programmable temperature control.
Technical Parameter:

Model PT-1200-Crucible
Working Chamber Size 200*300mm
Heating Chamber Material High-Purity Alumina Ceramic fiber
Working temperature Top temperature: 1200℃
Working temperature: 1100℃
Temperature Control PID, Intellectual 30-segment Programmable Controller
Heating Rate 0-20c/min
Control Accuracy ±1℃
Heating Element 0Cr27Al7Mo2 Resistance Wire
Temperature Sensor K-type Thermocouple
(With Breakage and over-heating alarm)
Outside Shell Electrostatic sprayed Carbon Steel Outside Shell with Cooling Fans
Door  Top Open
Power Supply 220V   50HZ/60HZ
Plug Please let us know the plug in your country when you book the furnace.
Max. Power 3KW
Accessories Crucible Tong, Gloves, Instruction manual
Option Crucible, Screen Control, Software

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