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Sliding tube furnace

Sliding tube furnace

1.Features of Sliding tube furnace :
(1). It adopts the dual shell structure and intelligent auto control temperature system, SCR control, phase shifting trigger. 
(2). The chamber is adopted the imported alumina fiber
(3). It can be connected to atmosphere, made vacuum
(4). This furnace possesses the advantage of temperature uniform field

Main functions and characteristics:
1. Built-in two temperature zones can create different temperature gradients within 300 C.
2. Vacuum grade fast flange seal is adopted, which can complete the flange connection only by screwing the clamp. It is convenient and fast to release and fetch materials. It avoids the possibility of leakage of air caused by manual operation of bolt seal and damage of heating pipe caused by installation of flange.
3. The furnace body can move left and right to achieve rapid cooling and meet the experimental requirements of material quenching and sudden heating.
4. The high-quality alumina polycrystalline fiber inorganic material made by vacuum absorption with Japanese technology has good thermal insulation, durability, high tensile strength, no impurities, high purity and energy-saving effect, which is superior to other domestic fiber materials.
5. The heating element is made of high quality alloy wire 0Cr27Al7Mo2, which is durable and has a maximum heating temperature of 1200 C.
6. Reserved the vacuum and gas fast interface, which can be used in our company's vacuum system and mixed gas distribution system.
7. Reserving data conversion interface, cooperating with the software made by our company, and connecting with computer, can realize the functions of remote control, real-time tracking, historical record and output report forms of single or multiple electric furnaces, and can install paperless recording device to realize data storage and output.
8. It has the function of automatic power-off when the upper cover is opened, the power-off function of overtemperature alarm and leakage protection measures, and the operation is safe and reliable.
Main uses and scope of application:
It is used for graphene growth, high temperature sintering, atmosphere reduction, CVD experiments in universities, scientific research institutes and industrial and mining enterprises.

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